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The below prices are a guide but you can find out the exact cost at your Local Tutor Learning centre.

Flexible maths and English tuition

£120 a month

Maths and English Tuition

  • Aligned to the national curriculum
  • Flexible Time and Day

11 Plus and Entrance Exam tuition

From £120 a month

Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Specific to chosen exam board
  • Weekly sessions- Weekly Homework
  • Mock tests

GCSE Tuition

From £18.00 per session

Maths, English and Science 

  • Weekly Homework
  • Weekly online practice
  • Regular assessment
  • Mock tests

Family Learning

Free Maths and English courses for parents or guardians

  • Find out how your children develop numercy and literacy skills.
  • Find out how to help your child with school homework.
  • Improve your own numeracy and literacy skills.

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New Standing Order Instructions

Tuition Services Charge

Course LevelSchool LevelMode of studyLessons per monthAmount
11 plusPrimary Group LessonsEight£120
Years 4 to 6Primary Group LessonsEight£120
Years 7 to 9SecondaryGroup LessonsEight£120
Years 10 to 11SecondaryGroup LessonsEight£144
Years 12 to 13Sixth FormGroup LessonsEight£144
11 plusPrimary one to oneFour£100
Years 4 to 6Primary one to oneFour£100
Years 7 to 9Secondaryone to oneFour£100
Years 10 to 11Secondaryone to oneFour£120
Years 12 to 13Sixth Formone to oneFour£120

Terms and Conditions – Local Tutor

Terms & Conditions

Payment of Fees

Local Tutor reserves the right to adjust the course fee(s) due if the tuition fees are amended for any reason. Clients will be notified of any such adjustments as they occur.


If any payment is not made by the due date, a charge of 5% of the outstanding instalment(s) will be levied automatically.


Local Tutor will impose a further £25.00 administration charge on each occasion that it becomes necessary to pursue a late payment.


Should the payment schedule not be met at any time and the child continues to attend lessons, Local Tutor will be entitled to end any agreement to pay by instalments and to demand that all outstanding payments, together with the payment of the remaining balance of the total course fee(s), are paid in full immediately.


Non-payment of any instalment may result in the pupil being excluded from further classes.


Commencement of Tuition

A child may only attend classes once we have received a non-refundable/non-transferable deposit together with either completed medical and standing order forms or completed medical form and full payment.


If Tuition is Terminated

You will need to provide four weeks notice to cancel the tuition services.

If a pupil is withdrawn part way through the month, full payment for that month is charged.

Excess fees not will be refunded.


Group Size

Groups are usually between 2-6 children.



All teaching material is provided during the course and is included in the course fee.


Missed Lessons

If a lesson is cancelled by Local Tutor, an extra-help session(s) will be arranged to replace it. We do offer the option of an occasional temporary move into an alternative scheduled class in the event of a clash with a special family event or pupil illness. However, this is subject to a fair-use policy and cannot be used for any other reason.  If the child cannot be booked into another lesson, he/she may be booked into an individual extra-help session at the discretion of the teacher.



Homework should take about 30 minutes a day. Parents should comment on any significant difficulties a child may be having in the homework diary. This can then be addressed by the teacher.


Applications to Schools

It is the responsibility of parents to make applications to various schools. It is advisable for parents to visit schools of their choice on appointed open days.



All information provided by our clients is treated as confidential. With a few exceptions, for example information requested by a court, we will not release information to any other party without your consent.


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