An Open Letter To Students And Parents

Offering our E-Learning Capabilities as Families Prepare for Coronavirus.

To students and parents of Local Tutor Community

The government recently announced the closure of all schools across the UK, impacting millions of students across the country. While school closures will help in keeping children healthy and slowing the spread of the virus, it also interrupts children’s studies, social interaction, and academic progress which leaves families seeking alternatives.

From Tuesday 24th March 2020 we are only offering students online tutoring via portal until further notice. Please visit to download the software/app for live videos link.

We will also be sending you printed copies/ study material via courier on a regular basis as long as possible.

In the current climate, online learning can be a great education supplement to fit your child’s study needs. We will be continuously providing guidance and valuable learning skills using various online platforms.

We will work hard to give students the best possible online tutoring experience. No matter the environment, our mission to guide students through their educational journey, helping them succeed in academics, and in life, will always be our top priority.

I urge parents all over to talk with the experts in their community. Stay informed by talking with your doctor and check in for updates from the World Health Organization and other reputable sources on what you can do to keep you and your community healthy.

Local Tutor Team

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