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All parents want their children to do well at school and to succeed. However, many simply don’t know where to start. Everything seems to have changed since your own schooldays, and you don’t want to confuse your children by using different methods to their teacher. We can help;

We will give parents and carers the opportunity to find out how things are taught in their own child’s school, as well as a chance to share ideas with other parents and develop their own skills.

Family Learning Course Content

TopicVideo LinkParents Booklet
Maths VocabularyMaths VocabularyMathematical Vocabulary ePDF
Place ValuePlace Value systemPlace Value
AdditionAddition StrategyAddition
SubtractionSubtraction StrategySubtraction
MultiplicationLattice MultiplicationMultiplication
DivisionChunking divisionDivision
BIDMASOrder of operationBIDMAS
Problem SolvingProblem Solving StepsProblem Solving
FractionFractions - mixed opeartionFraction
Magic MathsMagic Maths

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